Mediacom M-TRSP90



Powerful Bluetooth crate with wheels and telescopic handle to take your music with you. 
Connect any audio device using Bluetooth technology, and listen to the sound amplified through a loudspeaker. 
Connect an audio device through the auxiliary input such as a microphone or electric guitar. 
Insert a micro SD card or USB thumb drive and listen to music stored on the device in MP3 or WMA format. It is also possible to connect a external 12V battery. 
It included rechargeable battery (up to 6 hours of battery life). Telescopic handle to bring the trolley speaker wherever you want.
  •  USB Host
  •  microSD Card Reader
  •  LED Display
  •  Audio line-in (3.5mm jack)
  •  Microphone (6.3mm jack)
  •  Audio Guitar (6.3mm jack)
  •  USB
 Supply  Battery
 Speaker System
 Speaker type  Active
 Rated power  90W
 Amplifier  Integrated
 Integrated  Bluetooth 3.0
 Digital Audio Standards  WMA, MP3
 Controls  Power On / Off, Volume, Play / Pause, Equalizer
 Included Accessories  Remote Control, Wireless Microphone
 Type  Rechargeable
 Duration (max)  6 Hours
 Dimensions and Weight
 Width  26.6cm
 Depth  27.9cm
 Height  51.8cm
 Weight  7.5Kg