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  • Soundlab A183E

    2.0 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with LED Flashing Lights

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  • Eagle P647UB

    The Eagle Stereo Tuner is an ideal high quality source for background music (BGM) in public address systems. The FM and DAB tuner can provide...

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  • Eagle P602XGA - P602XHA

    Eagle 100 V Line & 8 Ohm Wall Speaker With Bracket 16W

    Eagle P602XGA - P602XHA

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  • Eagle P101B

    This Eagle mobile and set top PA Amplifier has a compact design, features 2 microphone and 1 aux input. Working from 12V DC this Amp...

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  • Eagle P110

    A white, ABS plastic horn speaker ideal for use with PA systems . Supplied with an adjustable mounting bracket.

    Eagle P110

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  • Eagle P111CB

    The contract-quality horn speaker features high SPL, moisture resistant ABS plastic horn and internal 100 Volt line transformer. They are ideal for indoor or outdoor...

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  • Eagle P101

    The P101 provides low-cost amplification with a microphone input with level control, auxiliary input with level control and Fog/Siren output. The power output of 12...

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  • Eagle P003B

    Eagle Plug-in Power Supply 600mA


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  • Eagle A180A

    Weatherproof outdoor speaker, suitable for music and speech. Adjustable metal fixing bracket, rugged 6.5 inch heavy duty speaker unit with weatherproof cone. Fitted 100 V...

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  • Eagle P650B

    A 30 Watt output mains operated amplifier offers two unbalanced microphone inputs with MIC 1 having a priority control over all other inputs. Auxiliary inputs...

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