Camry CR 3044

Camry CR 3044


Quick Overview

Camry CR 3044 Electric Grill

The CAMRY CR 3044 electric grill with a maximum power of 2100W gives you the opportunity to prepare a wide range of warm meals - from toasted burgers, through steaks, pork neck, chicken and other meats, to grilled vegetables and cheese. The hobs are protected with a Teflon coating, thanks to which the dishes do not stick, and subsequent washing takes literally a moment. In addition, the coating allows you to grill without adding fat, and the fat drainage hole makes the meals healthier.


  • Max Power: 2100W
  • Nom Power: 1500W
  • Heating plate with flat non-stick coating
  • Heat-insulated handles
  • Fat drip tray
  • Upright storage