3-way Scart Splitter with Audio Out

3-way Scart Splitter with Audio Out


Quick Overview

3-way Scart Splitter with Audio Out.

Commtel T113YA

High Quality Metal SCART Switch Box. Pro Quality SCART + RCA/Phono Audio/Video Switch & Control Unit/Expander

High quality SCART and RCA/Phono metal switch box, suitable for all possible applications. All connections are multiple shielded for optimum connection quality. 3 x SCART in - 1 x SCART out + 1 x Phono/RCA audio out. This switch also makes it possible to watch/listen one source whilst recording/copying another source at the same time, and will pass through RGB signals (port 3) which make it ideal for consoles.

A compact, metal cased unit which allows users to connect up to 3 video recorders (VCRs), 1 Satellite + 2 VCRs or 1 computer + 2 VCRs. It also offers a function to record from satellite or another VCR whilst watching TV. Select audio output via RCA phono sockets to play TV sound through a Hi-Fi system. The controller features push button switches to select viewing and record modes. Please note that the pass through record from a different source than being viewed function and wiring prevents correct connecting and switching between multiple RGB signal sources. The mixed use of different signal sync types is not recommended as this can confuse the output receiving source etc.